Personal Yoga in Worthing

personal yoga in Worthing – Its brilliant stuff!! I teach yoga one-to-one and in small groups (up to 4 people) under the name personal yoga. I have practised yoga for over 25 years and taught in Worthing for the last 12. I did Iyengar yoga in Worthing for 10 years and ended up with a back problem. Since then I have practised the Vanda Scaravelli style of yoga and I no longer have a problem with my back.personal yoga in Worthing – it’s brilliant stuff.

One-to-one teaching and in a small group is an excellent way to learn and practise yoga, especially if you are a beginner and/or you have any problems such as injuries or pain. Most yoga classes are large, sometimes up to 30 people and individual tuition is minimal.

I teach in a studio in my home, which is also my acupuncture clinic. This is a peaceful haven, close to the town centre, easily accessible and with on-street parking very close by. A one hour lesson costs £30.00. If there is more than one the £30 fee is divided between you. I often use yoga in combination with acupuncture, particularly for back problems, and also for relaxation and relief from stress.

The first thing that happens when you start doing yoga is you begin to listen to your body. Does that muscle hurt when you stretch it? The best way to stretch a muscle is to allow it to stretch, using gravity to help you. For example, in a simple forward bend, from a standing position, allow yourself to drop forward from the hips and just hang, as if you were hanging from a peg on the wall, keeping your legs straight. You will find that after a few seconds, a minute or so, you are slowly sinking closer to the floor, simply because of the pull of gravity. You are not pushing yourself. This allows the muscle to gradually stretch to its full capacity, because the muscle is relaxed. It may still hurt because it may well be stiff and tight but that is just a message that it’s time to come up now (bending the knees and rolling up slowly through the spine) and do some more later.

Yoga2I use very basic movements and postures that anyone can do. This way of using yoga helps you to be aware of your body and teaches you how to use your body in a better way and to overcome injuries and problems.

On a physical level you may well be very stiff when you start but don’t worry about that – we are all stiff at the beginning. It is a discipline and it does take a little time to see and feel the effect but it is most definitely worth the time and the effort that you put in. You start to build a relationship with your body because you are getting to know it in a different way. This is very valuable.

It’s also excellent for stress because doing yoga brings you back to yourself so that, in a way that is difficult to explain but simple to experience, the energy that you have expended on whatever has caused you to be stressed, is reclaimed, so that you become more whole again.