Acupuncture Facial

enter image description hereAn acupuncture facial involves the use of acupuncture and massage to stimulate the flow of qi (vital energy) on the face.

The treatment is very pleasant. It releases tension and encourages a smooth flow of energy in the muscles and meridians so that the blood supply to all the tissues of the face is improved, bringing oxygen, nutrients and releasing toxins and stale energy. This results in a brighter, lighter and softer appearance.

What are the benefits of an Acupuncture Facial? You can look younger! You can feel better! You can be healthier! It can help reduce lines and wrinkles! You can lie back and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing treatment!

Does it hurt? No, and there are no unpleasant side effects. Our faces are on view to the world around us all the time. In stressful times worry and fatigue cause tension in the muscles which results in habits of expression, often making our faces appear “set” and hard.

This treatment breaks through that mask to reveal the softness and lightness which have become hidden. This invariably results in a face that looks younger. Clients sometimes say that they feel they are looking at their own face with different eyes.

Our faces change through the course of our lives and the natural loss of elasticity in the muscles combined with stress can result in lines, wrinkles and jowls – not what we want!

This treatment helps to relax and revitalise this very important and intensely personal area of ourselves. It is also extremely pleasurable, which we do want!

This treatment is beneficial for both men and women. I always include body points to support the constitution, strengthen the immune system and help to deal with any existing problems, for example indigestion, low energy, stress, helping you to feel and look well.